Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The British Petroleum Hillbillies

Come listen to a story about British Petroleum
A poor overegulated corporate citizen
Then one day a rig exploded offshore
And up came the crude from the ocean floor.

Oil that is. Military-industrial lifeblood. GOP Tea.

Well the first thing you know, BP's got a new role
Government said, "BP, plug that fucking hole"
"Fixing this shit is your responsibility"
So they loaded up some boats and put them out to sea.

Gulf of Mexico, that is. Natural beauty. Fish and shit.

Well it's time to admit the cleanup's not gone well
It's hard to plug a gusher three miles south of hell
But please don't worry there'll be more "drill, baby, drill"
Teabaggers take their tea with a little spill, baby, spill

The party Sarah Palin and Katrina, that is. Fucking Hillbillies. No such thing as global warming and evolution. God, guns and prayer. Let's kill shit.